Impact investing at Fletcher: Students seek early stage social ventures to fund via the MIINT competition

by the Fletcher Social Investment Group (FSIG)

Of the myriad opportunities that Fletcher students have to study business in the global context, one such is the opportunity to represent Fletcher at the MBA Impact Investing network and Training (MIINT) competition. This is Fletcher’s second year sending a student team to the competition, which offers an experiential learning program designed to let students to step into the shoes of an impact investor and get first-hand experience identifying and valuing prospective investments. Over the course of the academic year, students source, screen, diligence and ultimately pitch an early stage social venture to an investment committee in April at the Wharton School. The winning team’s company will receive up to $50,000 towards a total seed round of $250,000 to $1,000,000.

This year’s team, organized by the Fletcher Social Investment Group (FSIG) and partially sponsored by the IBGC, is currently in the sourcing stage of the competition. To do this, they are leveraging Fletcher’s uniquely international network to identify sustainable business models that more efficiently deliver key products or services and improve quality of life for individuals in emerging markets. Through their businesses, ideal companies should increase the affordability, accessibility, and usage of life-changing products and services. For more information, check out the team’s investment thesis here.


The team has just three weeks left to source the best deals possible before identifying a shortlist of companies on which to conduct due diligence. If you or those in your network know of any companies that meet the below investment criteria, the team would love to consider them for investment.

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