MIB 2016 Ali Edelstein Pens Blog Series Featured on About.com Sustainable Investing

About.com’s Sustainable Investing homepage featured a series of posts from Masters of International Business Candidate Alexandra Edelstein (’16). The three-part series examines university endowments and their struggle to “submit to students’ sustainable investing requests before featuring up-and-coming solutions and suggesting how students can play a role.”

The series arrives at the conclusion that divestment is necessary, yet endowments are not likely the best vehicle for such change and student should instead push for “broader responsible investing practices and creating responsible pooled fund alternatives” to bring about more positive change.

Read the posts from Ali:

University Endowments Wrestle With Sustainable Investing
February 23, 2016

The International Endowments Network Highlights Sustainable Progess
March 1, 2016

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