The Economy, COVID-19, and the 2020 Election | EconoFact Podcast

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Michael Klein, Professor of International Economic Affairs at The Fletcher School, begins this EconoFact podcast by asking a top of mind question for many United States citizens: “With the election less than 6 weeks away […] to what extent does the economy, and the obviously related issue of the pandemic, figure into people’s decisions.” He brings to question various economic issues that could affect the outcome of the upcoming presidential election, citing healthcare, immigration, inequality, and the declining fortune of the manufacturing sector as a few examples.

To make sense of the economic issues facing voters this election, and to better understand how the economic policies from a Trump second term might differ from a Biden presidency, Professor Klein is joined by Binyamin Appelbaum of the New York Times, Scott Horsley of NPR, Greg Ip of the Wall Street Journal, and Heather Long of the Washington Post.

Michael Klein, William L. Clayton Professor of International Economic Affairs, The Fletcher School
Binyamin Applebaum, Business and Economics Writer, The New York Times
Scott Horsley, Chief Economics Correspondent, NPR
Greg Ip, Chief Economics Commentator, The Wall Street Journal
Heather Long, Economics Correspondent, The Washington Post