China, Fred Astaire And The Countries Dancing Towards The Digital Future

An article by Bob Zukis in Forbes discusses the prominence of the global digital economy, and argues that while it is a facet in today’s world it is not well defined, understood, or easily measurable. Zukis also argues that the digital economy is not evenly distributed around the world, and that there are digital “haves and have nots” between countries. These disparities cross gender and other demographics and exist throughout the companies that operate within them as well, he explains.

To better understand the digital economy and the disparities within it, Bob Zukis interviewed Bhaskar Chakravorti, Dean of Global Business at The Fletcher School, about key findings from Digital Planet’s Digital Intelligence Index. The Index examines trust in the digital economy and its evolution across 90 economies as the world paused for the pandemic. The report features the 2020 Digital Intelligence Index (DII), an interactive research platform of scorecards built to provide evidence-driven, actionable insights on how to enhance digital competitiveness; nurture trust in the digital economy; and foster responsible use of data, AI, and other advanced technologies for enhanced productivity and the greater good.