Data Lab Assistant support via live chat (virtual walk-in support) is suspended throughout the Tufts University winter break until February 1. Please email for assistance or to schedule a consultation.

The physical Data Lab spaces in Tisch Library (Medford) and Hirsh Library (Boston) have been de-densified in accordance with university policies and have the same hours as the respective libraries. Note that the libraries have a reduced schedule throughout the winter break and that both physical Data Lab spaces will remain unstaffed throughout the spring semester.

Virtual and Remote Desktop computing resources will remain operational and available for use throughout the winter break.

* Click here for instructions on how to access and install Data Lab software remotely *


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to see the locations of available computers on the Medford campus


Lab Assistant support and Data Lab staff consultations remain virtual throughout the Spring 2021 semester

Live Support

Data Lab Assistants and StAAR Center Statistics Tutors are unavailable throughout the Tufts University winter break. Live Data Lab Assistant support via online chat will resume on February 1, 2021. StAAR Center Statistics Tutors will resume virtual drop-in hours in the first weeks of the Spring 2021 semester. See the Data Lab Live Support calendar below for details.

Please email for assistance or to schedule a consultation with a senior Data Lab staff member.

Data Lab Mission Statement

The Medford Data Lab and Boston Data Lab are teaching and research computing spaces designed to foster collaboration and innovation among students, faculty, and staff across all Tufts’ schools and departments. The Data Labs provide interdisciplinary methodological and technological support for all aspects of the data science workflow, including data reference, analysis, and visualization. The wide range of expertise encompassed by the Data Lab staff allows for support in a variety of geospatial, statistical, and computational applications, including GIS, remote sensing, machine learning, and text processing.

Both Data Labs are staffed with Student Lab Assistants who are available for immediate walk-in assistance. The Data Lab team offers a wide range of services to the Tufts community, including workshops, in-class instruction, and advanced GIS and Data Science consultations. Check out the Data Lab Brochure for additional information.

The Data Lab is managed by Tufts Technology Services in collaboration with Tisch LibraryHirsh Health Sciences Library, and Ginn Library.