Bray Lab is part of the Tufts University Department of Mechanical Engineering. The building is comprised of research labs, staff and graduate student offices, and a neighborhood of design, build, and testing spaces.

The design, build and testing spaces are accessible to everyone in the Tufts community. Please use this website to learn about the spaces, equipment and training.


May 11 – June 23: Bray closed for maintenance and employee training. Please contact Ben Ginden or Marya Schnedeker for special project access.

Monday, June 24: Bray open and first day of training sessions. 

General Rules

  • Be respectful of others, the spaces, tools, shop workers, and equipment
  • Follow the Buddy System by always having someone nearby for safety and support
  • Clean up before you leave
    • Storage carts are available in many locations throughout Bray
    • Please ask Marya, Ben or a student employee if you need help storing your project
  • No outside tools
  • No outside chemicals (such as epoxies, spray paint, etc.)
  • No food in the shop or labs (food is allowed in the lobby)
  • Bray materials, tools and equipment must stay in the building