Bray’s resources are accessible to¬†everyone in the Tufts community.

So you have a project in mind. Where do you start?

1. Design the project

  •  Gather a list of design requirements
    • Function, weight, size, etc
  • Sketch a few different designs. Use our How to Sketch Design resource. 
    • The more designs you have the more likely you are to find the one that is just right for your application. Make a range!
  • Work on a process of elimination once you have a few ideas drawn out. Find flaws in designs that may prevent the goal from being met.
  • Remember design is non-linear and can be revisited after more information about manufacturing techniques/materials become known.


2. Choose a fabrication method

Bray offers lots of materials and methods for making prototypes. If you need help, please visit the Shop or contact a staff member. 


People at Bray

Available materials and recommended vendors

How to Sketch Designs

Digital design programs for using computer controlled machines such as the 3D printers, CNC router, CNC mill and laser cutter.


Assisted Fabrication for using advanced equipment (CNC router, CNC mill and Markforged 3D printer)

Please bring a drawing or sketch if you plan to use the Machine Shop’s hand tools (Green Zone) or power tools (Yellow Zone). You can also ask our Shop Assistants for help in developing a drawing/sketch. 





3. Checklist for working on a project

You’re all set! Make sure to wear the proper attire and if you are unsure of something, please ask!