Room 102

The 3D Printing Lab provides a space to explore fast fabrication methods.

This room is located past the machine shop entrance on the right hand side. 


This room is always open and accessible. For staff hours for training and help with the 3D printers, check the shop calendar for our most updated hours.

To self serve in the 3D printing lab, students who are not familiar with the 3D printing process should set up an appointment for training using the appointment request form before their first visit to our printing lab.

If student feels comfortable with the 3D printing process, please just check in with a staff member the first time you use the 3D printers in Bray. After a short conversation with our staff about our 3D printing etiquette you will be all set to do your own printing. 

Printing Policy

  • If a printer is available, you can use it if you have completed training or spoken to our staff about the Bray 3D printing procedures.
  • Prints over 12 hours on the Stratasys F120 and Markforged Onyx printers need to be approved by Bray staff. You can set up a consultation appointment to talk about your fabrication plan.
  • Do not load/unload filament on the Stratasys and Markforged Onyx. Please ask a staff member to do this for you. Staff can be found in the Bray machine shop during open hours.
  • During unstaffed hours please use the ME slack channel #bray-palls to notify the Bray staff the printer is out of filament, and they will get to it when the shop reopens.
  • The ME slack channel #bray-palls can also be used to notify staff of any issues.
  • Students are welcome to learn to load/unload filament on the Enders, Creality PrintMills, and the Pulse printer. Please ask staff to walk you through the process the first time you attempt to change the filament.
  • Students can ask staff to load/unload the filament on the Enders, Creality PrintMills, and the Pulse printers as well.
  • Do not change printer profile settings on the slicer software found on the 3D printing computer.
  • If you require post processing for a Stratasys print, bring your part to a staff member in the shop. Do not attempt to operate dissolvable support bath on your own. Only staff are allowed to drop and remove parts from the lye bath.
  • If a part is finished and you would like to use that printer, you can carefully remove the print from the bed and leave part in the room inside part bin or next to the printer that it came from.
  • Don’t forget to clean up after you take supports off.