Marya - lath 2

Marya Schnedeker
Engineering Lab Coordinator
Office: Room 205
Phone: (617) 627-3142

Please contact Marya if you’re interested in using Bray’s facilities or have general inquiries.




ben mugshot - editedBen Ginden
Fabrication Supervisor
Office: Room 106

Please contact Ben if you have questions about Bray’s Machine Shop.



Graduate Students

James Aronson
Master’s Student in Innovation & Management
Personal Portfolio
Office: Room 206



MJ Craig 
Master’s Student in Occupational Therapy

Office: Room 206




Gary G. Leisk
Senior Lecturer & Research Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering




Research Partners

Kim Hallett
Masters Student in Human Factors Engineering

Kim’s research is focused on understanding the user experience within a makerspace, and how this can be modeled and ultimately improved by utilizing usability and human factors design principles.


  Previous Research Partners

peopleOconnellBrian O’Connell
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

Brian implemented and researched a RFID system to support equipment safety, training and accessibility at Bray Lab.