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Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Showcase

Mouth support for treating oral cancer in dogs 



Mask for decreasing firefighters’ air inhalation temperature


Mask for analyzing equine respiratory system



Vacuum chamber for satellite testing


Assistive technology for opening chip bags 

ME 184: Robotics

This Robotics class setup a casino run by card playing robots. 

Instructor: Chris Rogers




Laser Cut Pumpkins






Jumbo in a Box

This box was made as a teaching tool for learning third-angle projection for technical drawings.


Below is the initial prototype. This project was made with the laser cutter and Dimension 3D Printer.

ME 1: Introduction to Machine Design and Fabrication

Students creating parts for a Machine Shop training.

Bend – CNC Wire Bender

Bend is a three-axis CNC wire bender. It was designed for a mechanical engineering senior design course by James Aronson, Billy Chupp, Alex Kim, Jason Linker, and Andrew Murray.

Injection Molding Machine

Mechanical Engineering students designed an injection molding machine for a senior design course.

Inverted Pendulum In Progress

Inverted Pendulum

Chandler Coble (Mechanical Engineering ’17, Shop Assistant) and Anu Gamage (Electrical Engineering ’18, Summer Scholar) working on creating an inverted pendulum.

For more information, check out the Inverted Pendulum Summer Internship blog post.


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