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ME 184: Robotics

This Robotics class setup a casino run by card playing robots. 

Instructor: Chris Rogers




Foam Cut ‘n Create

The Foam Cut ‘n Create is a CNC foam hot-wire cutter. It’s designed to support elementary and middle school student engagement with prototyping and CNC machines. The was created in the mechanical engineering senior design course by Raven Fournier, Cameron Harris, Rob Hrabchak, Tyler Paige, and Sara Willner-Giwerc.

Fire Fighting Robot

Firefighting Robot

Jason Linker and his Tufts Robotics Club team have created a fire-fighting robot. The robot traverses a maze and detects and extinguishes flames.

Flexible Robotic Hands


Whitney Crooks, Gabrielle Vukasin and Maeve O’Sullivan used the Design Lab’s 3D printers to create molds for making flexible robotic hands. Learn more about their project and fabrication process on their Tufts TIHRA: Tele-Operable In-Home Robotic Assistant blog.

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