Location: Machine Shop

Access: Hand Tools + Laser Cutter training

Safety Notes: No outside chemicals, including adhesives, may be brought into Bray. Some adhesives can be used in the Shop while special adhesives require operation in the Materials Lab (Room 115) chemical hood.

Special Adhesives: may only be used in Chemical Hood

  • Plastidip
  • PVC cement
  • Paper cement
  • Caulk

This list is in-progress. Always ask the Fabrication Supervisor, Ben Ginden, before using any glue.


Machine Shop (Room 114)

Safe Attire

Should be worn:

  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Lab coat

Safe Operation

  • Fume hood sash must be as low as possible
  • Check in with Fabrication Supervisor (Ben Ginden) to learn specific procedure

Emergency Procedure

    • Notification of Fabrication Supervisor (Ben Ginden) immediately


  • If exposed to skin: wash affected area

Severe injury such as exposure to face/eyes

    • Notification of Public Safety and TEHS Immediately via 617-627-6911


  • Immediately flush face with eyewash for 15 minutes


  • Wipe down surfaces
  • Allow excess to dry under the hood before throwing away
  • Put adhesive, glasses, gloves and lab coat away