• Your name, major
  • Staffed hours
  • Available for questions or any issues with machine
  • Only Bray employees are allowed to fix / perform maintenance to the machine, such as:
    •  Replacing filament

 This Intro

  • Grants access to the 3D printer

The Website

  • Show Dimension & Fortus website and briefly explain what’s on the webpage

Machine Capabilities

  • Show example prints
  • Explain dissolvable filament
  • ONLY Bray student and staff employees can put and retrieve parts into/from chemical bath
  • This machine is for course and research projects only
  • .stl file(s) must be reviewed by a Bray employee before they are printed to ensure this is the right machine to use. 

Setup Process

  • Explain that files must be exported from design program in .stl format
  • Explain each of the following and have the participant go through the process of manipulating the following controls:
    • Adding file to software
    • Selecting model interior 
      • Dimension: use Space – Low Density, unless particular reason for the higher densities
      • Fortus: use Sparce
    • Orienting part
    • Adding to Bed
      • Dimension: Adding to Pack
      • Fortus: selecting Build
    • Positioning part on bed

Safe Operation

  • Selecting a tray/sheet and review best position on tray for part
  • Fortus: explaining which part of the sheet will be printed on
  • Print
  • Watch the print for the first 30 min.


  • Take the tray/sheet out of the machine to remove your 3D print
  • Place tray/sheet back in machine
  • Throw excess material in the trash.


  • Record that the student has taken the Dimension and Fortus training.