The manual taps are located in the drawers under the pneumatic tap, to the left of the jump shear.




    • Tap cart contains tapping bit and handles
    • Two types of bit: taper is used for through holes, and taper and bottoming tap used for blind holes
    • Load the tap bit into the handle by inserting the square end of the bit into the square hole of the handle and rotating the handle to tighten it
    • Clamp your piece down
    • Use lots of cutting oil when tapping
    • Insert the tap bit into the hole on your piece and make sure it is straight by looking at it from different sides (axis)
    • When tapping, turn the tap handle forward (clockwise) twice and then backwards (counter-clockwise) once
    • When you feel a lot of resistance, turn the tap handle backwards to avoid breaking the tap
  • Once you don’t feel any resistance, that means you have tapped the entire hole, so take out the tap bit



  • If a tap or threaded piece needs cleaning with compressed air, protect your eyes with proper protection (warn the people in the surrounding area)
  • Use a brush or piece of cloth to remove chips, not your hand
  • Clean the table, floor, and surrounding work area



  • Taps can be brittle, be careful not to bind the tap or break it