Vertical Band Saw



  • Turn on the light on the far left side of the machine
  • Adjust the blade guard to ¼” above your material
  • Make sure worktable is clean of chips to avoid leveling issues
  • Rest workpieces that are being cut on the toolpost
  • Stand balanced (one foot in front of the other) and rest your palms on the table
  • Turn on the machine and slowly start moving the material into the blade
  • Use push sticks to guide the piece through the band saw when your fingers approach the band
  • Slow down when you reach the end of the material
  • Once its cut, turn off the machine
  • There will be a burr on the last face it cut through, so de-burr with a file using a pushing motion


  • Clean table, floor, and surrounding work area
  • Turn off the light