Mechatronics Wire BenderPhoto Aug 05, 10 16 17 AM

Pensa Labs DIWire

About the Tool: Bends a wire to match a desired contour.

Location: Supply Room (room 201)

Access: Wire Bender training required. No prerequisites.

File types: .dxf or .svg

1/8 in – Aluminum (ASTM B221-08 6061-T6511) wire
1/8 in – Steel (ASTM A108-07 1018 cold rolled) wire

Bend Accuracy: Please visit Pensa Lab’s Wire Instruction Guide


  • Add File to DIWire
    • Select Open OR Drop File from folder
  • Check that the length of the wire matches the one of the object
    •  Make sure to leave an extra 6 inches for the grip

  • Select which material to bend with in Material Profile

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.42.15 AM

  • Select your bending quality in Resolution

Safe Operation

  • Load the wire

loading wire

  • Make sure that they are no Warnings
  • Select Bend
    • The machine might take a few seconds before it starts
  • Watch the machine and hold the wire if needed to make sure the object is bending correctly


  • Remove your wire from the DIWire
  • Cut the excess material
  • Clean up
    • Put away excess usable wire
    • Throw away small (less than 12 inches) scrap wire in the trash