Name: Silhouette Cameo 1 electronic cutting machine (vinyl cutter).
This machine uses a drag knife to cut out shapes.

About: A computer controlled blade that cuts out shapes on thin sheets of material. 

Location: Supply Room (201)

Access: Vinyl Cutter training
Prerequisite: None

File types: .jpg, .bmp, .png or users can create designs using machine’s software.

Materials: vinyl, cardstock, paper, and fabric, can engrave aluminum sheets

Build size: 12in wide x any length


Trace Object


  • Select material under Cut Settings and make note of the ratchet blade number setting

material settings


Safe Operation

  • Release blade
  • Adjust ratchet blade number setting to match number indicated in Cut Settings.

Blade settings

    • Align vinyl and press Enter on machine to load material.Load mediaSelect Send to Silhouette

Print Object

  • Watch machine until it is finished cutting

Clean Up

  • Use rotary tool to squarely trim off used vinyl

Trim vinyl

  • Throw all access material in the trash


Detailed Instructions