Hardware & Equipment

The Medford Data Lab maintains a variety of equipment and resources for use by Tufts students, researchers, faculty, and staff.

Computer Hardware

The instructional classroom is equipped with:

  • 25 desktops running Windows 11 with 24″ LCD Monitors
  • An instructor’s podium with rotating monitor, Windows 11 Desktop and various multimedia connections.
  • A “Zoom Room” tablet and monitor
  • An overhead projector
  • A large projector screen
  • Built in surround sound audio
  • Wall Talk whiteboard & movable whiteboard
  • A laptop desk station
  • 3 Lenovo ThinkPad laptops for classroom overflow
  • Large format
  • Trimmer – Rotatrim Professional M54

The computing lab is equipped with:

  • 25 – Windows 11 Desktops with 24″ LCD Monitors
  • 1 – Dell Precision Tower (6C, 3.5GHz), 64GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro  8GB Video Card.
  • 2 Fixed Collaborative Stations running Windows 11 with 43″ LCD Monitors
  • “Pay-for-Print” Color Laser Printing
  • 44″ Epson large format printer (plotter)
  • Mobile Meeting Table
  • Mobile White Board


HP Color LaserJet 5500 Printer

  • Printing is “Pay for Print” in the Data Lab. You must have a Tufts ID or temporary print card to access the printer.
  • Printer Name = “Color_Medford
  • Cost = $0.30 per page
  • This is a color printer only. Currently, we do not have a black and white printer in our lab. You can send jobs to the Color_BW printer que and print the job from any tufts Black and White printer on the Medford campus.

Epson P8000 Large Format Plotter

The Digital Design Studio, located on the 3rd floor of Tisch Library, is now the primary resource for large format printing. They make their services available for students, faculty, and staff.  Here are their hours of operation.

  • The Data Lab large format printer is only used for GIS Poster Expo printing and can only be used by a Lab Assistant during staffed hours.
  • Printing Dimensions = Max 44″ width on one side.
  • Please have your file in PDF format sized at the final printing size.
  • We recommend using MS PublisherAdobe Illustrator, or Adobe InDesign to make your posters.

Scanners & Digitizers

VIDAR Large Format 42″ Scanner

The Data Lab provides large format scanning services by appointment. Only Data Lab staff are permitted to use the large-format scanner.  Scanning work is usually complete within 1 week. Please contact DataLab-support@elist.tufts.edu to schedule assistance with your large-format scanning needs. We do not provide on-demand, walk-in scanning.

Desktop Scanner

Tisch Library provides several flatbed scanners throughout the library.  There is a Scanner Room around the corner from the Data Lab in the Tisch Library. It is located next to the Circulation Desk and has three scanners and two copiers.

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