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Tufts Nolop Makerspace 3D Printer

Here’s an overview of some of the main equipment available in Tufts maker and fabrication spaces. Each space also contains additional equipment and supplies —

Nolop FAST Facility Makerspace

3D PrinterLulzBot Taz 6Nolop: Green Zone
3D PrinterPrusa i3 MK3SNolop: Green Zone
Laser CutterNew Laser CutterNolop: Green Zone
SolderingSoldering IronsNolop: Yellow Zone
DrillsPower DrillsNolop: Yellow Zone
SawsJigsawNolop: Yellow Zone
SawsSawstop Table SawNolop: Red Zone
SawsMiter SawNolop: Red Zone
SawsScroll SawNolop: Red Zone
RouterX-Carve CNC RouterNolop: Red Zone
Drill Press*New* Drill PressNolop: Red Zone

Advanced Production Lab (APL), SMFA

3D PrinterForm 2 SLA 3D Printers, quantity: 3APL
Laser CutterEpilog Fusion M2 75 Watt CO2 Laser Cutter w/ 40” x 28” bedAPL
Vinyl CutterRoland GR-420 Vinyl CutterAPL
2D PrinterEpson 11880 Inkjet Printers, quantity: 2APL
2D PrinterEpson SureColor P800 Inkjet PrinterAPL

Bray Lab

3D PrinterDesktop 3D PrintersMechatronics Lab
3D PrinterDimension SST 1200esMachine Shop: Green Zone
3D PrinterDissolving BathMaterials Lab
3D PrinterFortus 3D PrinterMachine Shop: Green Zone
3D PrinterMarkforged 3D Printer Machine Shop: Green Zone
AdhesivesAdhesive CartMachine Shop: Green Zone
CNC MillingBantam Tools Desktop Mill Build Space
CNC MillingHaas Mini Mill – under maintenanceMachine Shop: Precision Machining (Red) Zone
CNC MillingHaas VF2 – under maintenanceMachine Shop: Precision Machining (Red) Zone
CNC MillingShopbot Desktop CNC RouterBuild Space
Dynamic TestingInstron Drop Tower Impact System – under maintenanceTesting Lab
Hand Tools
VariousBuild Space, and Machine Shop: Green Zone & Power Tools (Yellow) Zone
Hot Wire Foam CutterThermocut 115/EMaterials Lab
Laser CutterTrotec Speedy IIMachine Shop: Green Zone
Laser CutterTrotec Speedy 400Machine Shop: Green Zone
MillingBridgeport Milling Machines, quantity: 2Machine Shop: Precision Machining (Red) Zone
Photo BoothPhoto BoothSupply Room 201
Power ToolsChop SawMachine Shop: Power Tools (Yellow) Zone
Power ToolsDrill PressMachine Shop: Power Tools (Yellow) Zone
Power ToolsHorizontal Band SawMachine Shop: Power Tools (Yellow) Zone
Power ToolsJump ShearMachine Shop: Power Tools (Yellow) Zone
Power ToolsTapping StationMachine Shop: Power Tools (Yellow) Zone
Power ToolsVertical Band SawMachine Shop: Power Tools (Yellow) Zone
SolderingSoldering StationMechatronics Lab
Static TestingInstron 5800R Tensile and Compression Test SystemTesting Lab
TurningLatheMachine Shop: Precision Machining (Red) Zone
Vinyl CutterSilhouette CameoSupply Room 201
Wire BenderPensa Labs DIWireBuild Space

Digital Design Studio

Video/audio editing, image editing, web publishingMultimedia workstationsDDS
PrintersWide Format PrinterDDS
Analog to digital media conversionSelf-service digitization stationDDS
Video and voice recordingRecording roomDDS
Video with backdropGreen screen wallDDS
Recording equipmentCameras, microphones, lightsDDS


Digital media3 computers with Adobe Creative SuiteExLab
Digital mediaEpson SureColor P800 Inkjet Printer (17″ x 22″ prints)ExLab
Digital mediaScannerExLab
GeneralMarkers, pencils, acrylic and milk paint, brushes, tape, adhesives, scissors, glue guns, staple gun, needles, thread, fabric, rulers, tape measures, t-square, architects scales, protractors, set squaresExLab
ToolsScrewdrivers, screws, wirecutters, wireExLab
Wood-burningWood burner and scrap woodExLab
2D artScreen printing supplies, collage suppliesExLab

Crafts Center

CeramicsWheel throwing, hand building, glazingCrafts Center
PaperBook binding, book repair, embossing, punching, origami, altered book, collage, decoupage, stenciling, papier-mache, scrapbooking, paper marbling, paper makingCrafts Center
PrintmakingWoodcut, linocut, drypointCrafts Center
Jewelry & Button MakingBeading, bead weaving, bracelet & necklace making, button making, resin jewelry, polymer clay bead making, chain mail, wire working, wire wrappingCrafts Center
Glass & ElectronicsStained glass, mosaics, circuit hacking, LED art, EL wire artCrafts Center
DrawingCalligraphy, charcoal drawing, scratchboard etchingCrafts Center
PaintingOil painting, acrylic painting, tempera painting, watercolor painting, spray paintingCrafts Center
TextilesSewing, weaving, knitting, crocheting, hand spinning, embroidering, felting, tie-dye, leather working, batik, macram, patchworkCrafts Center
Woodworking & MetalsWood burning, wood carving, carpentry, metal soldering, metalworkingCrafts Center
Candles & SoapCandle making, soap makingCrafts Center
DecorationsSticker making, die cutting, rhinestone settingCrafts Center
PrintingScreen printing, 3D printingCrafts Center