CleanStation DT3

This machine removes soluable support material from the Dimension and Fortus 3D printed parts.

Location: Materials Lab

Access: Only Bray employees are allowed access to the CleanStation DT3.

Material Data Safety Sheet for CleanStation DT3 liquid: MSDS_SolubleConcentrate_1023810C


  • Remove as much support material from the 3D printed part as possible.

Safe Attire

Should be worn when near the machine

  • Safety googles
  • Neoprene gloves
  • Lab coat

Safe Operation

Part Drop Off

  • Use tongs to put object into bath
  • Press the ⇓ arrow to start the cleaning cycle.

In Case of Emergencies

  • Shut down the machine by turning the power switch off and unplug the power cord.

Part Pickup – usually one to two hours later

  • The ⇑ arrow will manually stop the cleaning cycle.
  • Use tongs to pickup part
  • Rinse part under water in sink


  • Wipe down counters and clean up any wet spills with paper towels then throw used towels away.
  • Put googles, gloves and tongs away.