Josh joined TIER in September 2022. Before joining TIER, he completed a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship at the Ernestinenschule zu Lübeck in Lübeck, Germany and worked as a Research Assistant with the Language for Learning team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In this role, he supported research into children’s development of school-relevant language skills by contributing to the development of a computer-adapted version of the Core Analytic Language Skills (CALS) assessment, an instrument which measures the constellation of language skills needed for pre- and early adolescent students’ successful reading comprehension and writing in academic discourse settings.

His research interests are situated at the intersection of education and health care, encompassing developmental and educational linguistics, developmental psychology, social determinants of health, and the unique contributions that each makes to inform a holistic and evidence-based understanding of human development. He is passionate about language and its applications across sociocultural contexts to promote equitable access to education, health care, and social services programs. Other interests include quantitative methods, community-based participatory research, moral and ethical development, and vulnerability and resilience in childhood. Josh holds a B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and an Ed.M. from Harvard University.