TIER’s Community Evaluator (CE) model brings together program participants, local residents, service providers, community leaders, and researchers to share their knowledge, skills, and resources, with the common goal of shaping the development, implementation, and dissemination of research and evaluation.

The TIER CE model comprises recruitment, training, and ongoing mentorship and support of CEs as we co-design and implement projects, analyze data, and work together to translate findings into practice and policy recommendations.

What TIER CEs do:

  • – Inform researchers, programs, and policy-makers about community priorities and the experiences of families and children
  • – Provide input and guidance on evaluation designs, findings, and dissemination
  • – Share ideas and guidance on how to approach and engage community members on particular evaluation projects
  • – Work to ensure that evaluation projects are ethical, culturally responsive, and beneficial to the communities they focus on
  • – Foster collaboration among community populations, evaluators, programs, and policy-makers
  • – Use evaluation findings to provide agencies, organizations, and policy-makers with the tools needed to identify and address racial inequities

For more information on our current Community Evaluator projects, click here.