Last Fall semester, Bray assisted staff member David Pierre-Louis with using the CNC Mill for a community project. David is a Financial Services Specialist here at Tufts, and he has a vision for creating a community reading program. To this end, he has crafted an outdoor bookshelf out of recycled wood materials that will live in a local park near his home in Massachusetts. The bookshelf will feature books targeted for both adults and children. David requested the use of the CNC Mill to carve out two emblems for his bookshelf which features the name of his community program: Ever After Foundation.


First, the emblems were prototyped using foam before they were eventually milled out of recycled pine boards.

David with before and after elements of the process.

Bray staff who assisted in the process, pictured left to right: Marya, Kim, and Ben with the CNC mill in the background.

One of the finished emblems before being stained.

Thank you for collaborating with us, David!