Some machines require advanced knowledge to operate. In these cases, a Bray Lab student employee will help you through the fabrication process.

You are welcome to stop by the Machine Shop to discuss your part before using the below procedure. 


Haas Mini Mill
Markforged 3D Printer
Shopbot Desktop CNC Router


  1. Submit the part using the Part Submission form. 
    Haas Mini Mill: submit 3D Solidworks (.sldprt or .sldasm)
    Markforged 3D Printer: submit 3D design (.stl) files
    Desktop CNC Router: submit 2D design (.dxf) or 3D design (.stl)
  2. A Bray Lab employee will contact you in the next business day to setup a meeting to:
    1. Discuss limitations of the machine and design changes to receive the best result
    2. Discuss material selection and tolerances
    3. Operate the machine with you

Please note

We may request a prototype of the part to ensure it is the correct size, shape and tolerance. Parts can be prototyped with cardboard, Desktop 3D printers, or foam.