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Assistive Technology – Team Keely

This fall 24 engineering and occupational therapy students in OTS-105 Assistive Technology spent hundreds of hours working on a semester long assistive technology project for a client with a disability. The client’s ages ranged from three to none-of-your-business, and they experience challenges such as cooking with one arm, or using an iPad with their elbow.

Team Keely, worked with an 8th grade student without motor control or sensation from the neck down. Their goal was to make a device that would allow Keely to independently raise her hand in school.

This team made up of Addie Harris (M.S. Occupational Therapy) and Rhea Montgomery-Walsh (B.S. Engineering Psychology). After several trainings at Bray, conversations with Keely, a meeting with Brendon Stafford at the new Nolop Maker Space, and Tim Moore at the Perkins Assistive Device Center, the team decided to used an arduino and a step motor connected to a light weight switch placed below Keely’s jaw. The motor was connected to a hand they made out of stiff paper, and could be raised or lowered with a single chin movement.

They then went through the development and testing process to create a working prototype. They then needed to build a box to encase the motor, driver, arduino and mounted the box and the switch to Keely’s chair. 

Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Showcase

Mouth support for treating oral cancer in dogs 



Mask for decreasing firefighters’ air inhalation temperature


Mask for analyzing equine respiratory system



Vacuum chamber for satellite testing


Assistive technology for opening chip bags 

ME 184: Robotics

This Robotics class setup a casino run by card playing robots. 

Instructor: Chris Rogers




ME 1: Introduction to Machine Design and Fabrication

Students creating parts for a Machine Shop training.

Foam Cut ‘n Create

The Foam Cut ‘n Create is a CNC foam hot-wire cutter. It’s designed to support elementary and middle school student engagement with prototyping and CNC machines. The was created in the mechanical engineering senior design course by Raven Fournier, Cameron Harris, Rob Hrabchak, Tyler Paige, and Sara Willner-Giwerc.

ME: 042 Students Prototype and Test Ankle Joints

For Fall semester 2017, ME: 042 students were tasked with prototyping and testing an ankle joint design that would allow for the most deflection without failure. To test their designs, students used Bray Lab’s Instron 5800R tensile and compression testing machine. It was fascinating to see some unexpected results from some unusual structures!

Bend – CNC Wire Bender

Bend is a three-axis CNC wire bender. It was designed for a mechanical engineering senior design course by James Aronson, Billy Chupp, Alex Kim, Jason Linker, and Andrew Murray.

EN 1: Foundations of Design – Methods of Making course

Students used nature and biomimicry as inspiration for creating mechanisms and designing moving prototypes.

Fluid Flow Behavior

The ES 8: Fluid Mechanics course laser cut objects then took measurements of flow behavior around the different shapes.

Instructor: Jeffrey Guasto

Fluid Flow - Instrumentation Lab cropped

Injection Molding Machine

Mechanical Engineering students designed an injection molding machine for a senior design course.

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