Announcing the 2016 GIS Poster Expo Winners

Best in Show:

  • Sharon Ron, Intro to GIS for Urban Analysis
    Location, Location, Location: Analysis of Monthly Rental Premiums in the Greater Cambridge Area
  • Stephanie Cleland, Advanced GIS
    The Intrinsic Vulnerability of Groundwater to Contamination in the Midwest and its Associated Human Health Impacts


  • Sydney Giacalone, Undergraduate Intro to GIS
    The Political Implications of “Food Desert” Mapping: A Case Study comparing the Political and Social Implications of USDA Versus Local “Food Desert” Definitions in the State of Maryland and City of Baltimore.

Runner Ups

  • Ally Wright, GIS for Conservation Medicine
    Leptospirosis Exposure Risk Analysis, Thailand
  • Katie Grassle, GIS for Conservation Medicine
    It’s Not Easy Being Green: Can Green Space Predict Crime Rates in New York City?
  • Kat Rasp, GIS for Conservation Medicine
    Mapping out the Increasing Conflict between humans and Black Bears in Massachusetts
  • Slide Kelly, Intro to GIS for Urban Analysis
    Filling the Gaps in the Mile High City: Analyzing Infill Development Suitability in Denver, Colorado
  • Robel Alemu, Fundamentals of GIS for Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Applications
    Malaria Transmission Vulnerability in Ethiopia: A Spatial Analysis
  • Ethan Freedman, Advanced GIS
    Identifying Locations for Road Crossing Structures for Moose in Northwest Colorado
  • Julia Appel, Fundamentals of GIS for Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Applications
    Biking to a Healthier Boston: Assessing Potential Locations for New Hubway Construction in and around Boston
  • Abhishek Maity, GIS for International Applications
    Access Denied in South Africa: The Need for New 3G+ Cell Phone Towers to Increase Internet Access
  • Anna Kaplan, GIS for Public Health:
    Mapping the Opioid Epidemic: Saving Lives with Nalozone – Distribution of Nalozone by Tapestry Health in Western Massachusetts, 2008 – 2016

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