The Instructional Classroom

The Medford Data Lab Instructional Classroom is situated at the far end of the Data Lab and may be reserved for semester classes, one-time classroom use, workshops, and events.

The instructional classroom is equipped with:

  • 25 desktops running Windows 11 with 24″ LCD Monitors
  • An instructor’s podium with rotating monitor, Windows 11 Desktop and various multimedia connections.
  • A “Zoom Room” tablet and monitor
  • An overhead projector
  • A large projector screen
  • Built in surround sound audio
  • Wall Talk whiteboard & movable whiteboard
  • A laptop desk station
  • 3 Lenovo ThinkPad laptops for classroom overflow
  • Large format paper Trimmer – Rotatrim Professional M54
Medford Data Lab Instructional Classroom

To learn more about the different hardware, peripherals, lab equipment and software in the Medford Data Lab, please see the Hardware and Equipment page and the Software Section.

Instructional Classroom Calendar & Reservations

Faculty and staff may request to reserve the Medford Data Lab classroom for semester long GIS or data intensive courses, one time classroom use, or for workshops, and events.

To reserve the classroom for one time use including workshops, guest lectures, or events, please use ReserveTufts to submit a request.

To reserve the classroom for semester long GIS or data intensive courses, please email Carolyn Talmadge, Data Lab Services Manager, at as early as possible as dates and times are limited. We cannot guarantee that a class will be able to be accommodated as the demand for the classroom is high.

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