I. Overview
II. Instructional Classroom Reservations
III. Class Room Schedule

I. Overview

The Instructional Classroom is situated at the far end of the Data Lab and may be reserved for semester classes, one-time classroom use, workshops, and Data Lab related events.

The Instructional Classroom is equipped with:

  • 24 – Student Desktops running Windows 10 with 24″ LCD Monitors
  • A Teaching Podium with a rotating monitor, networked Windows 10 Desktop, and various multimedia connections
  • An Overhead Projector
  • A Large Projector Screen
  • Built in surround sound audio
  • Wall Talk Whiteboard
  • 2 – Laptop Desk Stations

Please see the Software Section for a complete list of software available in the Data Lab.

II. Instructional Classroom Reservations

Faculty and staff may request to reserve the instructional classroom for semester GIS or Statistical classes, one time classroom use, or for workshops and labs.
Please contact the DataLab-Support Elist (DataLab-support@elist.tufts.edu) to reserve the space as early as possible, as dates and times are limited.

III. Data Lab Classroom Calendar

The classroom is off limits while classes or workshops are in session, but open for use anytime the room is not reserved. Please see the schedule below to view the regularly scheduled classroom availability. Scroll down to view an updated and interactive classroom schedule.

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