This week the Bray Lab staff and summer interns visited Artisan’s Asylum, a non-profit community fabrication center in a 40,000 square foot warehouse located in Somerville.

Artisan's Asylum

We got a chance to checkout the setup of their equipment stations:

Artisan's Asylum - Soldering Station

Artisan’s Asylum – Soldering Station

Artisan's Asylum - Jewelry Station

Artisan’s Asylum – Jewelry Station

Artisan's Asylum - Casting Room

Artisan’s Asylum – Casting Room

as well as their storage methods:

Artisan’s Asylum – Vertical Storage


We met the Overhaul robot featured in BattleBots and spoke with one of its makers.

Artisan's Asylum - BattleBots

Artisan’s Asylum – Overhaul BattleBot


We checked out some of the builds to gain inspiration for projects in Bray.

Artisan’s Asylum – Coffee Table