Testing machines need to be operated by Bray TAs. In this case, a Bray Lab TA will help you through the testing process.


Testing Machines

Instron 5800R available with or without Temperature Chamber attachment

Testing Methods

Tension Test

Compression Test

Bending Test



  1. Submit the information using the Assisted Testing Submission form.
    Please describe what material/structure needs to be tested, and what information  (such as Young’s Modulus, yield strength, maximum load etc.) wants to be obtained from the test.
  2. A Bray Lab TA will contact you in the next business day to setup a meeting to:
    1. Discuss possible testing method to receive the accurate result
    2. Set up the Instron Machine and develop testing method according to the standards.
    3. Operate the machine with you

Please note

If raw material needs to be tested, the material may need to be machined into dog-bone shape sample so that accurate mechanical properties can be obtained. The student can ask for help from Assisted Fabrication offer by the machine shop.