Computing Lab & Collaborative Space

  • 19 Windows 7 Desktops with 24″ LCD Monitors
  • 1 High Processing Computer (HPC) – Dell Precision Tower (6C, 3.5GHz), 64GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro  8GB Video Card
  • 2 Fixed Collaborative Stations running Windows 7 with 43″ LCD Monitors (additional multimedia connections available)
  • 1 Mobile Collaborative Station running Windows 7 with a 63″  LG Monitor (additional multimedia connections available)

Instructional Classroom

  • 24 Student Desktops running Windows 7 with 24″ LCD Monitors
  • A Teaching Podium with networked Windows 7 Desktop and various multimedia connections
  • Mounted overhead projection system with speakers

Laptop Stations

There are multiple laptop tables available for us by the Tufts community.


Please see the Software Section for a complete list of software available in the Data Lab

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