Problems in the Data Lab

For GIS support or questions, please contact

If you are having technical difficulties with a computer in the Data Lab, please first see the Student Lab Assistant. If the Lab Assistant is not present, please email

FAQ for Common Problems in the Lab

How do I use Adobe Products?!

Adobe has changed the way they license their products. Here are instruction for students and for faculty/staff. Please note that the process is different for students than it is for faculty/staff.

I cannot unzip a MassGIS zipped file (.exe)

Executable files (.exe) cannot be opened and installed in the lab. Double clicking on a MassGIS zipped .exe for instance will not unzip the file. Instead, right-click on the .exe file and look for an option to open or extract it with PowerArchiver.
The files must be unzipped to your personal directory (H: Drive) and cannot be unzipped to the Desktop.

I cannot print to the plotter.

Only Lab Assistants and administrators can print to the plotter.

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