3/8 talk with Dr. Joanne Kong: How a Greener Diet Can Transform You and the Planet

This Wednesday, 3/8 Dr. Joanne Kong, from the University of Richmond, will be giving a presentation about the effects that animal agriculture and meat consumption have on our planet, on our health, and on other beings. She will discuss our cultural and societal perceptions about animals and diet, and how they have distanced us from the suffering of billions of animals killed each year on factory farms, as well as the destructive effects of climate change. Dr. Kong’s lecture will highlight the benefits of a plant-based diet, and the opportunity it presents to become more consciously aware of our choices and connections to the world around us. The talk is sponsored by the Tufts Veg Society.

Dr. Kong has been noted as a compelling advocate for a plant-based diet across the country. Her perspective is centered in the moral stance that greater compassion for animals and our planet are vitally necessary for personal growth and positive world change.

The presentation will take place from 7-9 PM in the Alumnae Lounge.

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