From the monthly archives: December 2006

Once Fletcher students are back on campus, we’ll resume regular information sessions. Whether you are a current applicant, future applicant, or an admitted student, you are welcome to join us at any of the Monday sessions listed below. All will take place from 12:30 to 1:30. Please register by sending us an email. We look forward to seeing you at Fletcher in the spring!

Dates when sessions will be offered:

January 29

February 5
February 12
February 26

March 5
March 12
March 26

April 2
April 23


Every day, a few more prospective students complete their applications for Fall 2007 Fletcher admission. The Admissions Office staff prints the on-line forms and materials, matches them with transcripts and test scores, and creates an application file. We’ll be flooded with material in January, but so far we’re keeping up with the steady flow of mail that arrives each day.

We want applicants to know that The Fletcher School will be closed on December 25, 26, and 29, and on January 1. We will continue to take telephone and email inquiries during that period, but please be patient if response time is not as quick as usual.

In addition, you may want to note that the application deadline of Monday, January 15, 2007 is also the public holiday to mark the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr. There will be no U.S. mail delivery on that day so, of course, we will accept materials that arrive a day late. If you have a technical problem with the application on the 15th, send us an email on the day so that we will still consider the application on-time when we help to resolve the problem on the 16th.


Yesterday morning, Fletcher students (and the rest of us in the Boston area) saw the first snow of the season. Quite a change from the unusually warm weather we experienced through much of November. In the Admissions Office, we are completing the work we usually associate with the fall semester: All office travel is complete, we know which newly-admitted students will join us in January, and we will make decisions within the next two weeks on the applications that met our Early Notification deadline.

We are also in the final weeks of our evaluative interview process. As I write, only three interview appointments remain open, all in January. I always enjoy meeting applicants in interviews and this year has been no exception. In fact, I’m fortunate to have met a large number of very well prepared applicants this fall. What’s best is simply that they’re interesting people – the sort that I would want to talk to under any circumstances, not only because it is a part of my work.

We have started to receive applications for September 2007 that will be considered after the January 15 deadline. If you are preparing your application, there are a few steps you can take to ensure everything goes smoothly. First, please arrange as early as possible for Fletcher to receive official copies of your test scores. Ensure that your recommenders complete their letters in a timely way. If they are submitting the recommendations on-line, your application will be held in “the system” until the letters have been attached. Give your university extra time to mail the transcript, and remember that you need to submit a transcript for every university you attended. More information on applying is included on our web site.


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