Making sense of the waitlist

Much of our attention around this time of year is focused on admitted candidates. Some time still remains until enrollment decisions are due from these folks, and there are naturally a lot of questions involved as people make their plans. There’s another group of active candidates out there too, though, and it’s important to pay them some blog attention. Waitlisted candidates, this post is for you.

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Some notes on scholarship funding

This is a frenzied time of year for admitted candidates. The process of researching and getting to know grad programs has gone into overdrive, and for most there’s a lot of financial planning work going on, too. I recently discussed some basics on financial planning in this space, emphasizing the importance of a “portfolio” strategy of meeting the costs of attending grad school. Fletcher scholarships, typically a significant part of that portfolio, merit a bit further discussion.

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Final application deadline – April 1

With the release of the bulk of admissions decisions for fall 2021, much of our attention is now focused on working with admitted students as they make enrollment decisions. It’s worth taking a moment, then, to highlight that it’s still possible to submit your application! The final April 1 application deadline is approaching, and if you’re aiming for that date your application should be rounding into form by now.

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