Application tips: The Application Form

As we continue our series of “Application Tips,” I wanted to shed some insight onto the application form itself. This is the first part of the application you come to and may seem the most straightforward; just some data entry before you get to the more substantive essays, resume, and letters of recommendation. But don’t discount this section – we read these forms carefully and gain valuable insight into your candidacy through your answers.

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Application tips: Recommendations

This is the time of year in which we receive a lot of requests for advice on preparing your application. I’ve written on this theme in the past, and I figured it’s helpful to hear a variety of perspectives from time to time. As such, I’ve asked the rest of the Admissions team to chime in with their advice on various pieces of the application. We’ll start today with Yaritza’s thoughts on letters of recommendation

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Application season in full swing

It’s around this time of year that it starts to feel like there’s a lot happening at once in our office. We’re currently working with students admitted for the January 2022 semester as they make their enrollment plans, and also beginning the process of reviewing applications received by last week’s Early Notification deadline (which I believe I’ve mentioned in this space two or three thousand times). The latter involves not just reading applications ourselves, but coordinating a large committee of current students and faculty readers, too. On top of that there are lots of remaining recruitment events on the calendar, and another application deadline – the “big one” – approaching on January 10th.

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Planning a PhD application?

Hi folks! Former blogger-in-chief Jessica here — occupying the Admissions Blog while Dan is taking a walk through the Hall of Flags.

This is the moment in the fall semester when we start hearing regularly from prospective applicants to Fletcher’s PhD program in International Relations. In some ways, they’re just like applicants to our master’s degrees, with questions about where-to-put-what in the application form, but their focus on their planned research is what makes them stand out. They often pose questions that challenge me to figure out which member of the faculty might be interested in a particular sub-specialty.

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Student bloggers: introducing Sapna

Hi, I am Sapna, a MALD “super-second year” (we haven’t yet found a good word to describe a MALD student in their 5th semester, all suggestions welcome). Due to the pandemic, some of us who joined in September 2019 took a leave of absence or reduced course load, so “super-second year” basically means I get to experience Fletcher life for a semester longer than usual. I am not complaining!

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