Five-year updates: Rafael’s path to the European Council on Foreign Relations

I particularly love checking in with our five-years-removed alumni. It’s of course always great to learn what they’ve been up to, but it’s also always a little jolt to be reminded how quickly time passes. Without fail, it always feels like no more than a year since we saw these folks wandering the Hall of Flags. In Rafael’s case, we also saw him during Admissions Committee meetings, in our office where he worked as a Graduate Assistant, and at all manner of Admissions events. He was very busy during his Fletcher days; as you’ll see, some things don’t change.

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First-year Alumni: Andrew’s path to DoD

It’s alumni update time! I always love hearing from our recent alumni about what they’ve been up to since their student days. Longtime blog readers might remember Andrew, a 2021 MALD graduate, from his many appearances in this space during his time at Fletcher as he and his compatriots dominated a series of cyber-security simulation competitions. As is common for Fletcher students, these involvements played a crucial role in Andrew’s professional path.

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Introducing John

It’s always exciting to be able to introduce readers to a new member of our team, and we’re thrilled to welcome John into the fold. As you’ll see, some of his background strengthens even further our claim to the title of Artsiest Administrative Unit at Fletcher (seriously: I’m now officially the only one without a fine arts background), while other areas bring great experience in higher ed and marketing, and familiarity with the DC professional community. Welcome, John!

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