Fletcher announces hybrid format for Spring 2021 semester

Many of you, and most of us, too, have been eagerly awaiting news of Fletcher’s plans for the spring semester. For those who haven’t yet gotten the news elsewhere, Dean Kyte has recently announced that Fletcher will operate in a hybrid format for the spring. This is exciting news, and it feels like a prominent step in the direction in which we’ve all been wanting to move for quite a while.

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“A Push to Prevent the Next Pandemic” – Fletcher and Tufts at the forefront of a global fight against viruses

A panel of Tufts experts will lead a $100 million USAID program to prevent future viral pandemics. The Strategies to Prevent Spillover program (STOP Spillover) will work with countries at high risk for animal-based viruses to “spillover” into humans, as is believed to have been the case with Ebola, SARS, MERS and COVID-19.

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An annotated Fletcher tour: The Cabot basement

Basements get something of a bad rap. Your Pennywises and Babadooks always seem to be basement lurkers, and no sports team cares to be known as a “cellar dweller.” My generation will always harbor suspicion toward the Alamo for allegedly stashing Pee-wee’s beloved bicycle in its basement. I like to think Fletcher provides a little push-back to these preconceptions with the Cabot basement, a warren of study, lounging, and meeting spaces whose recent facelift has made it even more of a go-to location.

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