Advice to incoming students: digest version

While there’s still a bit of activity around the margins, the incoming class for fall 2023 is taking shape. Matriculating students can expect a regular flow of communications from various Fletcher departments in the coming months about lots of “on-boarding” tasks for the semester. All of that is important and (hopefully) helpful information, but is relatively transactional and may not get at some larger questions incoming students may have about how to prepare for grad school.

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Application advice

With the first application deadline approaching – October 10, for January 2023 enrollment – a lot of prospective students will be starting to peck away at their applications in the coming weeks and months. Each year I like to provide a bit of guidance around preparing the different parts of the application, and this year I’m enlisting the help of my Admissions colleagues. Over the next couple weeks we’ll share a load of tips, advice, and pitfalls to avoid as you assemble your application materials.

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Advice to incoming students: dive into the curriculum

Continuing our series of tips to help incoming students prepare for life at Fletcher, today I’ll focus on another topic that might make you think “well duh.” A reasonable response to my advice to start digging into the Fletcher curriculum is to point out that any student who applied to Fletcher, much less confirmed their plans to attend, surely has done quite a lot of this already. I sure hope so! However, the lens through which you view curricular offerings as an applicant or even an admitted student can be quite different for enrolled students.

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