From the Admissions Team: Advice to Incoming Students

It’s been a while since I’ve deputized my Admissions colleagues to assemble in the blogatorium, and this is a natural time of year to turn to my co-conspirators for some words of wisdom. While much of our attention is now pivoting toward assembling the next Fletcher class (for 2022 matriculation, crazy as that sounds), there’s still quite a lot of work we’re doing with incoming students.

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Staff advice to incoming students, Part One

Every now and then, I like to be sure to have my Admissions co-conspirators contribute to this blog, since they’re a sharp bunch who are full of useful observations. It’s also a sly way to introduce them a bit to readers without having to force them to do a formal “About me”-type post. I sometimes forget that my off-handed references to Laurie, Lucas, Liz, and Lindsey may be confusing to readers who have no idea who all these L’s are. I asked my compatriots to share some advice for incoming students as they prepare to begin at Fletcher this fall.

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