Updated Fields of Study

Sharp-eyed readers may have caught the odd reference in recent weeks to updated Fields of Study in the Fletcher curriculum. If you’re relatively new to the ins and outs of Fletcher you might not notice anything different at all. Those who have been considering Fletcher for a bit longer, though, will see that the list of Fields of Study has been refreshed and streamlined.

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Admissions process updates

I’m reminded at this time of year, as I look out at yet another fresh blanket of snow, how fortunate we are that application “reading season” takes place in the dead of winter. Reading piles of applications seems a more doable prospect when one is pretty much confined indoors anyway. There’s still a chunk of reading to go, but we’re getting there! So much so that we’re starting to look toward preparing for the release of decisions, currently looking like sometime in the first couple of weeks of March.

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DC Career Trip

The annual Washington, DC career “trip” took place late last week, and it was a busy affair as always. “Trip” more in spirit than in practice this year, for obvious reasons, but in spite of being screen-mediated this time around it still felt familiar, with all classes cancelled for two days to allow over 300 students to take part in many dozens of discrete events.

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