Manaved’s annotated curriculum

Around this time of year I ask our second-year student bloggers to provide an “annotated curriculum” to give readers some sense of the thought process that goes into charting one’s way through two years of Fletcher. Though not in the way they imagined, their Fletcher student careers are hurtling toward conclusion. First up is Manaved, walking us through his curricular path and plans for the future.

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A financial planning digest

With decisions out for a few weeks now, admitted candidates are largely moving past the initial frisson of that news to the task of making an enrollment decision. Many candidates are in the enviable position of having several good options from which to choose, and there’s one reality that is common to nearly all: grad school is a major investment, and it requires a carefully-considered financial strategy.

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COVID-19 updates for admitted students

Blog readers may already know that Tufts and Fletcher have announced an action plan in response to the evolving COVID-19 situation. Among the most prominent steps of this plan are the decisions to conduct all classes virtually for the remainder of the academic year, and to cancel all in-person events and activities both on- and off-campus. For our office and our admitted students, this unfortunately means the cancellation of our scheduled Open House events on April 5 and 6, as well as the suspension of our regular campus-based offerings such as class visits and coffee with current students.

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