The quiet weeks begin

Hall of FlagsThe week after Commencement is always a bit surreal. There are still a few students popping in to say goodbye or attend to a few last administrative matters, but for the most part the relative quiet of the summer months takes hold. In a few weeks most of us will be accustomed to it, but it’s strange at this early date when we’re still used to the typical buzz and activity of the Hall of Flags, which now is eerily empty and quiet.

The Admissions year never truly stops, though, and we have a variety of things to which we’re currently attending. I’ll take this opportunity to issue another reminder about the upcoming June 10 Map Your Future application deadline. The current college seniors among you should aim to have your application materials submitted by this date. We’re also busily plotting out our recruitment calendar for the summer and fall, a process that will continue over the next several months. We’ll be in the Washington, DC area several times over the summer, and are currently planning a roster of fall travel that thus far includes Southern California, North Carolina, Atlanta, and New York City, with lots more in-person and virtual events to be added over time. In addition, prospective students should stay tuned to this space for more information about opportunities to meet with current Fletcher students spending their summers at various worldwide locations interning, working, and pursuing independent research.

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