Meet the 2019-2020 Admissions Graduate Assistants

With both the academic and admissions year well underway, it’s a good time to introduce (and re-introduce) our Admissions Graduate Assistants. These Fletcher students are crucial all our operations, and in many cases will be the first person with whom prospective students correspond and visitors meet upon their arrival. We’re so happy to have John and Madhuri (our second-year returnees) back, and to welcome Dani to our team, as well.

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Protips from John after (nearly) a semester

I’m frequently astonished by how quickly semesters seem to go by for our students. While I feel like we just welcomed our first-year Graduate Assistants to the Admissions team, here they are already in the midst of finals with a full Fletcher semester nearly behind them. I asked them to think about any advice they’d give to prospective students, or things they wish they’d known ahead of their arrival at Fletcher. John was kind enough to provide an insight for each week he’s been at Fletcher.

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Meet the 2018-2019 Admissions Graduate Assistants

One of the many pleasures of the start of the academic year is the crew of Graduate Assistants (GAs) who join our office. They provide crucial support to the many projects we work on throughout the year, and we’d have a tough time staying afloat without their efforts. It’s also gratifying for us to get to know these Fletcher students well, and to stay that much more abreast of what’s happening in the student community by virtue of having them as members of our team. Some blog readers may also feel like they come to know our GAs; if you contact our office, it’s likely one of them who will answer your initial call or respond to your email.

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