Back at it!

We’re back! We might collectively weigh in a bit heavier after celebrating Thanksgiving, but it takes more than a few pounds of turkey and pie to slow our operation down. With our Early Notification deadline last week, we’re largely occupied with processing, reading, and reviewing submitted applications. If one of them is yours, you can expect to receive an admissions decision by mid-late December.

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Coffee and conversation with Fletcher students

It’s hard to imagine a world without coffee, isn’t it? It fuels irrepressible banter, anchors epic clashes of will, and helps keep us from getting too verklempt. It also provides a great context to get to know Fletcher. In case you haven’t heard, our office offers a “Coffee with a Current Student” program during the academic year, which allows you to – stay with me here – have coffee with a current student.

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Kristen and I chat about our news

Friday’s post described all the changes coming to the Admissions team. (SO MANY changes after so many years of little movement!) In preparation for moving along, Kristen and I chatted about what’s ahead for each of us. We’ve never been shy about keeping ourselves/each other entertained at work, so we opened up a shared document and started sharing.

JD: A year ago, we never would have predicted it, but here we are — both of us planning a transition from Fletcher Admissions. In your case, you’re not going too far. Would you like to describe the work that will soon be taking up your days full-time?

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Tweak to the essay questions

Earlier in the summer, I confidently stated that we wouldn’t be changing the application essay questions this year. And then the staff got to talking…and the result is that we have added two options to the existing topic for what we call “Essay 2.” If you’ve already drafted your essay, fear not. Option three is the same as last year’s essay topic.

For everyone who hasn’t yet written the essay, here’s what you’re going to find on this year’s application.

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Fresh new look!

The Admissions Blog had a spa day yesterday and has emerged with this fresh new look! With the redesign, the decorative elements of the blog no longer match the Fletcher website and, instead, are closer to what you’ll find on the main Tufts website or the site for the Cummings School. The Fletcher site will catch the redecoration wave soon (sometime this fall), with the blog having led the way.

Aside from the design, you’ll find that not much as changed. You can still go all the way back in the archives, reviewing our very first of more than 1900 posts, if you want to. I hope you’ll like the new look!

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