Admissions process updates

I’m reminded at this time of year, as I look out at yet another fresh blanket of snow, how fortunate we are that application “reading season” takes place in the dead of winter. Reading piles of applications seems a more doable prospect when one is pretty much confined indoors anyway. There’s still a chunk of reading to go, but we’re getting there! So much so that we’re starting to look toward preparing for the release of decisions, currently looking like sometime in the first couple of weeks of March.

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Fletcher announces hybrid format for Spring 2021 semester

Many of you, and most of us, too, have been eagerly awaiting news of Fletcher’s plans for the spring semester. For those who haven’t yet gotten the news elsewhere, Dean Kyte has recently announced that Fletcher will operate in a hybrid format for the spring. This is exciting news, and it feels like a prominent step in the direction in which we’ve all been wanting to move for quite a while.

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Admissions interviews available now

A plug today for Admissions interviews, currently open for registration on our site. Normally the formal interview program runs from mid-September through mid-December or so, but throughout this summer and continuing for the next month we in Admissions have been offering a regular slate of interview slots, too. What else do we have to do? A whole heckuva lot, actually, but nothing as important as the chance to chat individually with prospective students. 

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