Admissions Visit Day

Today is the first of three “Visit Days” we’ll hold for prospective students this fall at Fletcher (November 4 and December 2 are the others, for those of you who might be able to join us). Sort of mini-Open Houses, or maxi-information sessions, Visit Days are designed to give prospective students a good look at a number of different sides of Fletcher, and usually are a lot of fun.

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Meet the 2019-2020 Admissions Graduate Assistants

With both the academic and admissions year well underway, it’s a good time to introduce (and re-introduce) our Admissions Graduate Assistants. These Fletcher students are crucial all our operations, and in many cases will be the first person with whom prospective students correspond and visitors meet upon their arrival. We’re so happy to have John and Madhuri (our second-year returnees) back, and to welcome Dani to our team, as well.

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It’s hard to imagine more of a toe-dipping into the admissions travel season than attending a fair here in town for my first recruitment event of the fall. That’s how the schedule worked out this year, though, and so Monday night I headed over to Boston University for the Idealist grad fair, always a pretty enormous event, given the number of universities in the Boston area.

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Spring enrollment application deadline

Things are happening quickly around here, friends. Talk of application deadlines around this time of year may seem a bit of lighthearted japery, but don’t get caught napping. Take a look at the calendar, and note that it’s already mid-September. For those interested in January 2020 enrollment at Fletcher, the clock is ticking. October 10, one short month away, is the deadline for submitting your application!

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Today is one of the most fun days of the admissions year – the start of orientation! With a few exceptions, it’s the first time we’ll meet our new students face-to-face, after having spent the better part of a year working with them virtually as prospective/admitted/enrolled students. Our friends in the Registrar run the arrival and check-in portion of the day, though we eagerly staff the welcome tables for the opportunity to put faces to names with which we’ve been working on paper for the better part of the past year. My guess is that it can sometimes be a bit surreal for students to arrive at Fletcher for the first time, and be greeted by one of us as if they’re a long-lost relative. What can I say? We’re excited to have our new students here.

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Fall travels coming into focus

While it’s hard to pin down an objectively “busiest” season of the admissions year, the fall months often feel the “buzziest,” if I may invent a term. More than any other season, fall is defined by juggling the most simultaneous tasks, and sometimes makes me feel like my head is spinning. Fletcher students are back on campus, prospective students are visiting and interviewing, and applications are starting to roll in. On top of all that, recruitment travel, a primary driver of the “buzz,” is at its high point.

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