Admissions annual “retreat”

We admissions types often hear some version of a comment about how things must slow down in the summer with no students around. It’s understandable that this might seem true from an outside perspective, but there is plenty to keep us occupied in the summer months between on-boarding the class arriving this fall and planning for future classes that will arrive in 2023. Yes, we’re already thinking that far ahead.

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An update from the Admissions Committee

Around this time of year I like to update readers on our work in the Admissions Committee. This process is one of my favorite times of the year: it’s a great opportunity to work with students, faculty, and other administrators in a unique capacity, and it always reassures me that we’re giving our applicants the deliberate and in-depth consideration they deserve.

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There’s still time to apply!

Readers, I apologize for any whiplash you experience as I pivot toward highlighting our next application deadline after several posts in the past few weeks about our January 10 submission date. Yes, that deadline is characterized as “Scholarship Priority,” and yes, we receive a large number of applications around that time. There are many candidates for whom January 10 just ends up being not realistic, however, and to all of those folks I’ll mention the upcoming February 20 deadline.

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Planning a PhD application?

Hi folks! Former blogger-in-chief Jessica here — occupying the Admissions Blog while Dan is taking a walk through the Hall of Flags.

This is the moment in the fall semester when we start hearing regularly from prospective applicants to Fletcher’s PhD program in International Relations. In some ways, they’re just like applicants to our master’s degrees, with questions about where-to-put-what in the application form, but their focus on their planned research is what makes them stand out. They often pose questions that challenge me to figure out which member of the faculty might be interested in a particular sub-specialty.

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