College Seniors: Map Your Future at Fletcher!

Hi all,

Dropping a quick note to make sure you’re aware of an upcoming deadline that might have slipped past your radar. Despite the calendar saying it’s early May, there’s still an important date for our college seniors to mark: June 10, the final deadline to apply to Fletcher through the Map Your Future (MYF) pathway.

You might be wondering why this deadline is later than usual. Well, MYF works on a bit of a different timeline than our other programs. This pathway is open to those within six months of graduation, allowing them to apply for a deferred spot in a future class after gaining two to three years of professional experience—a preference for most Fletcher degree programs. This setup gives applicants time to balance their careers while getting ready for grad school and refining their long-term goals and interests.

For those of you who see grad school as something further down the road, MYF has its perks. These applicants are reviewed separately, so they’re not directly competing with candidates who might have more professional experience at the time of application. Plus, MYF admits who apply for scholarship aid are guaranteed a minimum $10,000 award upon starting, giving them a good starting point for financial planning.

Over the past decade, MYF has drawn in some impressive students to Fletcher. These folks come in with years of preparation, bringing a clear idea of what they want to achieve and valuable real-world experiences to share with our community. It’s truly fulfilling for us to see their journey from applicants to thriving members of our community.

So, to all you college seniors out there, consider Mapping Your Future with Fletcher!

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