Back at it!

We’re back! We might collectively weigh in a bit heavier after celebrating Thanksgiving, but it takes more than a few pounds of turkey and pie to slow our operation down. With our Early Notification deadline last week, we’re largely occupied with processing, reading, and reviewing submitted applications. If one of them is yours, you can expect to receive an admissions decision by mid-late December.

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Januarians, assemble!

The arrival of late September in the Admissions Office can only mean one thing: it’s time to think about January! Admissions is a deadline-driven business, and we have an important one approaching. October 15 is the date by which applicants for January 2019 enrollment need to submit application materials. This one has a tendency to sneak up on everyone. Relative to the fall enrolling class, our annual group of “Januarians” is small (usually a few dozen students), and as such the application and enrollment period for them is quite compressed. With a mid-October application deadline, we expect to release admissions decisions for these candidates in early November, and to receive enrollment decisions from them by the end of that month. There’s a lot that needs to happen in just a handful of weeks.

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