There’s still time to apply!

Readers, I apologize for any whiplash you experience as I pivot toward highlighting our next application deadline after several posts in the past few weeks about our January 10 submission date. Yes, that deadline is characterized as “Scholarship Priority,” and yes, we receive a large number of applications around that time. There are many candidates for whom January 10 just ends up being not realistic, however, and to all of those folks I’ll mention the upcoming February 20 deadline.

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Early Notification Application Deadline – November 10

This time of year is notable in many ways, including peak Pumpkin Industrial Complex activity and horror movie reruns on basic cable (did you know there are now at least THREE movies that can reasonably be referred to as “Halloween II?”), but in this space it’s squarely Application Deadline Reminder Season. As such, I’ll remind you that the November 10 application deadline for Early Notification is approaching.

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ICYMI: GMAP application deadlines for January Enrollment

A quick call out today for the approaching application deadlines for the Global Master of Arts (GMAP) Program. GMAP has an application cycle that runs in significant parallel to that of Fletcher’s residential degree programs, but because of its unique format and schedule, it also veers enough away at certain points to make it worth highlighting separately.

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