Career Services drops in to the Hall of Flags

Today, a brief highlight of a neat new service offered this year by the Office of Career Services (OCS). Our OCS colleagues are a nimble crew, and in the past few years they’ve added a variety of new types of programming to their already-substantial roster of services and activities for Fletcher students. The first few times I saw their staff hanging out in the Hall of Flags this semester, I figured they might be experiencing a space crunch in their office, and were just improvising some spillover meeting space. As I’ve since learned, though, their regular visits to the Hall of Flags are part of a new schedule of “drop-in hours” available to students for short appointments.

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News roundup: Foreign Policy Next Generation Leaders, alumni in climate change policy, and fun times in New Hampshire!

A bit of a smorgasbord today of interesting tidbits that haven’t quite fit in other posts in recent weeks. First, a big congratulations to our friend Monica Ruiz (F16) for her inclusion in the New America Foundation’s Latino National Security & Foreign Policy Next Generation Leaders list!

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Fletcher’s most delicious conference?

The Hall of Flags is currently abuzz with a bake sale in support of November’s 5th Annual Conference on Gender in International Affairs. The bake sale, that classic, defining form of informal fundraising, may call to mind images of rickety card tables with a few plates of Rice Krispie treats, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies. Leave it to the Gender Conference to remind us to check our assumptions, however.

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Sweet victory for Fletcher Futbol

I like to give blog readers an occasional peek into the Social List, and this recent recap of Fletcher Futbol’s first game of the year seemed like a natural opportunity. Fletcher Futbol is a mainstay in the landscape of student organizations, and it’s fair to say that the tilt against Harvard is as hot as rivalries get in international affairs and public policy graduate school intramural sports. Congrats to Fletcher Futbol for taking the first step toward an undefeated season!

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An extra-special Convocation

New student arrival: check. Orientation: check. Official start of classes: check. Things are basically underway here for the 2019-2020 academic year, but without a good convoking, it doesn’t quite feel like the year has officially started. That will all change on Friday with this year’s Convocation ceremony. Convocation is always equal parts formal and celebratory, full of academic pageantry and the good energy of a community happy to be gathered together for the first time of the year. It feels a bit more special than usual this year, though.

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