Center for International Environment & Resource Policy year in review

The Center for International Environment & Resource Policy (CIERP, in local parlance) is one of Fletcher’s most active research centers. It’s the intellectual home base for a major portion of the curriculum, houses the Climate Policy Lab, and offers a variety of opportunities for students interested in climate, energy, and sustainability issues to get involved in its work.

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If pressed to name the single most exciting day of the Admissions year, I’d start by hemming and hawing about how there are quite a few to choose from. Apply enough pressure, though, and you’d ultimately get me to say it’s the first day of Orientation. For Admissions types, it’s particularly gratifying to meet in-person people who have thus far existed only as email addresses and Zoom screens. This year’s Orientation is extra-special, as it’s the first fully in-person affair since 2019.

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Advice to incoming students: dive into the curriculum

Continuing our series of tips to help incoming students prepare for life at Fletcher, today I’ll focus on another topic that might make you think “well duh.” A reasonable response to my advice to start digging into the Fletcher curriculum is to point out that any student who applied to Fletcher, much less confirmed their plans to attend, surely has done quite a lot of this already. I sure hope so! However, the lens through which you view curricular offerings as an applicant or even an admitted student can be quite different for enrolled students.

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