Fletcher alum wins Paralympic gold

Anyone who’s been watching the recent Paralympics in Tokyo doesn’t need me to underscore what an impressive and inspiring spectacle it all is. An event that already had sucked me in this year got even cooler recently with the news that Brad Snyder, a 2019 GMAP alumnus, took home his SIXTH Paralympic gold medal (and eighth medal overall), this time in the paratriathlon in the vision-impaired category of athletes.

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Five-year updates: Diane drops a line from Bangladesh

Today we’ll travel a bit further back in time to check in with another alumna friend. It’s shocking to me to realize that Diane Broinshtein graduated from Fletcher a full five years ago, as it feels far more recently that she was part of our Admissions Committee and getting involved in all manner of Admissions and Fletcher-wide events. Her career path and her time at Fletcher are great examples of the value of interdisciplinary programs!

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First-year alumni updates: Catching up with Natalia

One of my favorite points in the blog-year is when we get to check in with recent Fletcher alumni. My hope is obviously that it’s interesting for readers to see the career paths our graduates chart both immediately and a handful of years after their time at Fletcher. Selfishly, though, it’s also an excuse for me to get in touch with folks who were great friends of our office during their student days to learn about what they’ve been up to.

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