Staff advice to incoming students, Part One

Every now and then, I like to be sure to have my Admissions co-conspirators contribute to this blog, since they’re a sharp bunch who are full of useful observations. It’s also a sly way to introduce them a bit to readers without having to force them to do a formal “About me”-type post. I sometimes forget that my off-handed references to Laurie, Lucas, Liz, and Lindsey may be confusing to readers who have no idea who all these L’s are. I asked my compatriots to share some advice for incoming students as they prepare to begin at Fletcher this fall.

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Admissions staff, here and there throughout the summer

As summer approaches, the general pace of things around Fletcher likewise undergoes a seasonal shift. We still have a lot of work that keeps us very busy, but with most students (and many faculty) gone the place is definitely quieter, and our attention turns toward larger projects that tend to get sidelined during the semester, as well as planning for the upcoming year. The typical day gets a bit less hectic, and many of us actually take the opportunity to get away a little and use up some vacation time. While there’s no formal policy restricting vacation to the summer months, in practice the demands of our work make it difficult to get away for more than the occasional long weekend here and there during the academic year. There’s a lot for us to get done over the summer, but also a bit more breathing room to schedule a bit of away time.

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Lucas’ reading day

Around this time of year, this space often features staff reports from application reading days. While we all read applications here and there as we can, most of us try to carve out a day each week to focus solely on reading applications from home. This year it’s Lucas’ turn. Lucas has been reading applications for a few years now, but this year he’s entered the rotation of all-day reading binges.

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Career planning and the Master of International Business (MIB) program

Longtime readers will know Lucas from past blog contributions. Over the past few years, Lucas has become our primary in-house application process and information systems expert (and we continue to turn to him to teach us things we may have forgotten, whether he likes it or not). He’s also taken on a new role working with our international business degree program. Lucas will drop in on the blog periodically to highlight the various goings-on within the program, as well as with the Institute for Business in the Global Context (IBGC), the Fletcher research center that houses it.

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Meet the 2018-2019 Admissions Graduate Assistants

One of the many pleasures of the start of the academic year is the crew of Graduate Assistants (GAs) who join our office. They provide crucial support to the many projects we work on throughout the year, and we’d have a tough time staying afloat without their efforts. It’s also gratifying for us to get to know these Fletcher students well, and to stay that much more abreast of what’s happening in the student community by virtue of having them as members of our team. Some blog readers may also feel like they come to know our GAs; if you contact our office, it’s likely one of them who will answer your initial call or respond to your email.

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