Reading recommendations from Lucia and the international law faculty

One of my many roles on our team is liaising with our LLM degree, in which capacity I work closely with my colleague Lucia, the primary administrator of that program. Following up a recent virtual event on international law at Fletcher, Lucia solicited reading recommendations from faculty for those students interested in international law subjects.

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Nick’s reading day(s)

As he experiences the joys and pains of his first Fletcher reading season, Nick has the honor of continuing a very important Admissions Blog tradition: the reading day post! Like most application readers past and current, he makes sure to strategize ways to stay fresh in order to get through the workload. Unlike most readers, though, he has the background to generate an artisanally-curated playlist to sustain him through the day. And if that doesn’t work, well, there’s always an adorable baby on call to help out…

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