Introducing John

It’s always exciting to be able to introduce readers to a new member of our team, and we’re thrilled to welcome John into the fold. As you’ll see, some of his background strengthens even further our claim to the title of Artsiest Administrative Unit at Fletcher (seriously: I’m now officially the only one without a fine arts background), while other areas bring great experience in higher ed and marketing, and familiarity with the DC professional community. Welcome, John!

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Introducing Henry

I always love the opportunity to introduce new members of our team. Henry joined us about a month ago; in addition to the normal challenges of starting a new job, Henry is faced with the added challenge of doing so in a remote environment. Pandemic conditions aside, we’re thrilled to welcome Henry to our team!

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Reading recommendations from Lucia and the international law faculty

One of my many roles on our team is liaising with our LLM degree, in which capacity I work closely with my colleague Lucia, the primary administrator of that program. Following up a recent virtual event on international law at Fletcher, Lucia solicited reading recommendations from faculty for those students interested in international law subjects.

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