Pandemic-adjusted application review

One common question we’ve heard in recent months concerns how the Admissions Committee will evaluate applications that show evidence of significant pandemic-related disruptions. None of us have avoided the upheaval of the past year, and it’s understandable that applicants might wonder if we’ll be able to evaluate properly their readiness for grad school given how weird academic and professional life has been in this era. The quick answer, with a tip of the cap to Douglas Adams, is a simple “don’t panic.”

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2021 application now available

I always enjoy posting an update about the new admissions application going live. While there’s no “official” start to an admissions cycle, this is as discrete a point as any to consider the beginning of our year, and there’s a celebratory aspect to it (at least for us). Readers with any familiarity of past-year applications won’t notice many differences, but there’s nonetheless been a sizable list of tasks on our end to ready things for the coming year.

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Applications – get ’em in!

Just a formality at this point, friends. I surely need not remind you any further that the application deadline is TODAY. 11:59:59 EST, to be exact, but let’s not get overly literal here. I can assure you that there is very little value in waiting until the actual last minute of the deadline to submit, and that doing so is likely to create quite a lot of additional anxiety for you.

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