Advice to incoming students: digest version

While there’s still a bit of activity around the margins, the incoming class for fall 2023 is taking shape. Matriculating students can expect a regular flow of communications from various Fletcher departments in the coming months about lots of “on-boarding” tasks for the semester. All of that is important and (hopefully) helpful information, but is relatively transactional and may not get at some larger questions incoming students may have about how to prepare for grad school.

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A few notes about scholarships

Mid-to-late March is an exciting time for newly admitted students. Many candidates have several good options in front of them, but after the initial excitement passes it can quickly start to feel overwhelming. There’s a lot to research about different graduate programs, and a lot of financial planning to do. Last week I covered some basics on financial planning, mainly advocating a “portfolio” approach to meet the costs of attendance. For almost everyone, Fletcher scholarships are a major piece of that portfolio, so it’s worth going into a bit more detail about our scholarship process.

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Your financial plan for grad school

For most students, the excitement of an admissions offer comes with a dose of yucky-tasting medicine: the need to get serious about financial planning. You’re forgiven if the subject makes you feel overwhelmed and confused about where to begin, but it’s not something you can ignore in the hopes of it going away. The sooner you start to work on your financial plan, the more options you’ll have to work with.

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