Admissions interviews open for registration

A quick plug today for our Admissions interview program, which will run from late September through early December. For readers who plan to apply to Fletcher during this cycle, I highly recommend registering for an interview, although it’s an optional part of the application process and you won’t be penalized for not doing so. Interviews are available both in-person and via Skype, though, so really, there’s no reason not to get one set up.

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Pre-semester Preparatory Primer, Part III: review your finances

We’ve gotten this far into our Pre-semester Preparatory Primer without talking about money, but it was bound to surface at some point. Financing grad school can sometimes be more stressful than anything the academic experience can generate. One key to keeping financial stress low is thoroughly understanding your own resources and obligations, in order to avoid unwelcome surprises during the year.

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Staff advice to incoming students, Part One

Every now and then, I like to be sure to have my Admissions co-conspirators contribute to this blog, since they’re a sharp bunch who are full of useful observations. It’s also a sly way to introduce them a bit to readers without having to force them to do a formal “About me”-type post. I sometimes forget that my off-handed references to Laurie, Lucas, Liz, and Lindsey may be confusing to readers who have no idea who all these L’s are. I asked my compatriots to share some advice for incoming students as they prepare to begin at Fletcher this fall.

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It’s not too early to start preparing your application. Seriously.

Readers, does it seem a bit bonkers to start talking about the application process for 2020 enrollment so soon after I’ve just been jabbering in this space about commencement? It certainly feels a bit bonkers, but then that’s life in admissions. Here we are still in the first half of 2019, months removed from welcoming new students this fall, and our heads are already deep into 2020.

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