Advice to incoming students: digest version

While there’s still a bit of activity around the margins, the incoming class for fall 2023 is taking shape. Matriculating students can expect a regular flow of communications from various Fletcher departments in the coming months about lots of “on-boarding” tasks for the semester. All of that is important and (hopefully) helpful information, but is relatively transactional and may not get at some larger questions incoming students may have about how to prepare for grad school.

Around this time of year I like to offer some broader thoughts on getting ready for the fall, both logistically and mentally. Instead of recreating perfectly cromulent content, I figured it might be just as useful for readers to have a digest version for handy reference. Check the below posts for some things to keep in mind as you start making your schedule for the next few months, while keeping in mind that you are always welcome to contact our office with any quesitons, as well:

Know Your Resources
Dive Into the Curriculum
Get to Know the Area
Read a Book or Something!

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