Fletcher authors unite for political thriller

Readers of current literature don’t need to know much about Fletcher to have heard of Elliot Ackerman and Admiral James Stavridis. Ackerman, a National Book Award finalist and author of five books, and Stavridis, with nine non-fiction titles to his credit, are both established voices in contemporary letters. Each is, of course, also a well-known member of the Tufts and Fletcher community.

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Gary reflects on his time at Fletcher

It’s been particularly great to have Gary as a student blogger over the past couple of years, since he’s provided a different perspective on life at Fletcher as a PhD student. The PhD program is a vital and vibrant portion of the larger Fletcher community, but given that its students move a bit differently through the curriculum in both content and timing, and often are infrequently in residence after completing their coursework requirements, they can on occasion get lost in the shuffle. We’ll miss Gary’s blog updates from PhD land, and seeing him regularly in the Hall of Flags, though his remaining PhD obligations ensure that we’ll at least have the occasional chance to catch up with him in the coming years

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Talking books with Fletcher book talks

As a house of learned doctors, Fletcher regularly gets to celebrate the release of major books by our faculty. There’s Prof. Chris Miller’s Putinomics: Power and Money in Resurgent Russia, Prof. Alex de Waal’s Mass Starvation: The History and Future of Famine, and Prof. Sulmaan Khan’s Haunted by Chaos: China’s Grand Strategy from Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping, to name a few of the more recent publications. It’s common for faculty to give “book talks” on campus in support of their latest work, and they’re among the most popular events during the academic year. Late March will see Prof. Kelly Sims Gallagher discuss her just-published Titans of the Climate: Explaining Policy Process in the United States and China.

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