Sweet victory for Fletcher Futbol

I like to give blog readers an occasional peek into the Social List, and this recent recap of Fletcher Futbol’s first game of the year seemed like a natural opportunity. Fletcher Futbol is a mainstay in the landscape of student organizations, and it’s fair to say that the tilt against Harvard is as hot as rivalries get in international affairs and public policy graduate school intramural sports. Congrats to Fletcher Futbol for taking the first step toward an undefeated season!

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Spring social list fun

It’s time for our semesterly check-in on the Social List, that teeming, largely-unfiltered, ongoing omnibus conversation the Fletcher student community has with itself over email. This is a good time of year to appreciate the Social List in its full glory: there are still a variety events taking place over the next few weeks before the run-up to finals and commencement, but there’s also already a smattering of end-of-year transactions (lots of graduation robes and household items for sale), as well as occasional evidence of a number of students getting a bit punchy as the academic year hits its home stretch.

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The beautiful chaos of the Social List

The Fletcher student Social List has received periodic blog attention over the years, but it’s worth re-introducing for newer readers. Jessica has previously called it the “virtual glue for the community,” a description upon which I really can’t improve, although I’d elaborate that the functional ingredients of that glue are Social List as soapbox, marketplace (of ideas, goods, and services), bulletin board, classifieds, catchment for arbitrary musings, and general collective id of the Fletcher student body. A bustling e-list available to any member of the Fletcher community, the Social List can arrive as a constant ping of individual items on your device (and I do mean constant) or, for those bent on trying to impose order upon raw, teeming chaos, in daily digest form.

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