Sweet victory for Fletcher Futbol

I like to give blog readers an occasional peek into the Social List, and this recent recap of Fletcher Futbol’s first game of the year seemed like a natural opportunity. Fletcher Futbol is a mainstay in the landscape of student organizations, and it’s fair to say that the tilt against Harvard is as hot as rivalries get in international affairs and public policy graduate school intramural sports. Congrats to Fletcher Futbol for taking the first step toward an undefeated season!

MATCH RECAP – Season Opener – Fletcher Futbol vs. HKS

The Fletcher Futbol Crew took the pitch on a muggy Sunday afternoon to face off for a down and dirty grudge match/networking opportunity with the Harvard Kennedy School. Cheered on by throngs of beloved supporters who actually brought orange slices and flavor blasted gold fish (you are the real MVPs), the electricity in the air was palpable.

Known for his fantastic haircut and hands like a well-trained Swedish masseuse, Jake filled the net making critical stops throughout the first half. Despite savvy keeping skills and a tenacious back line, Fletcher found themselves down early at a 2-0 deficit. After quick reflection, the squad realized that much like the second french horn player in the Tufts chamber ensemble, we needed to play better for the remainder of the performance.

Sure enough, Ben opened up the scoring with a finessed finish past the HKS keeper. As the clock ticked down for the first half, Shehryar, offering a Rookie of the Future performance, led an unrelenting attack. Dan the Man emerged with a heroic strike leaving the HKS defense stumbling in circles like they just walked off Willie Nelson’s tour bus.

All tied at 2-2 the crew settled in for a gritty second half. Dhaval came into the net offering stellar support and countless saves under a barrage of HKS shots. With the sun setting, our very own co-captain Ben slotted the definitive blow into the back of the net giving Fletcher the go-ahead goal and the path to sweet, sweet victory. O captain my captain, our fearful trip is done. O captain my captain – what a strike, take a bow, son.

Special credits to all the first and second years playing their debut matches and huge thanks to all those who came out to support. The future of Fletcher Futbol is bright and the best is yet to come.

Forza Fletcher!

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